Monday, 11 February 2013

Reading Southern India 2013

We have had some fun and our trip is just beginning.
Starting on Thursday the 7th of Feb. we experienced the worst snow storm of this winter, Would  we get to Toronto for our flight and if we did would the flight go.
Saturday the 9th the sun was shinning and we had basically an easy ride to Toronto.
Checking in at the Pearson Airport was something else! We arrived at the suggested 3 hours before departure then lined up to check in. The machines were not giving luggage tags so we had to line up. An hour or so later and we lined up to go through security. FINALLY, we were where we were supposed to be. Time for a snack at very noisy Casey's and we were told we were delayed.

About a half hour after they told us to board we were told there was a delay. Then we had to have the wings de-iced my first experience for this. Wow!

We didn't make our connection in Munich but quickly moved from our Air Canada flight     to a Lufthansa flight...small seat flight! Beautiful plane but sooooo little space to sit. Lots of business class. We had an uneventful flight to Mumbai. Waited, waited for our luggage, to find it hadn't arrived. It must still be with AC in Munich. If you haven't been to India there is no way I can explain the next 3 hours.

No suitcases.

February 11, 2013
We have been touring. My mini memories will show you where we have been and what we have been doing.
It was a good day and Mumbai has been wonderful. We are all very tired, hope we can sleep. Our morning starts early with a visit to the Sassoon Docks to take a look at the morning catch.

No suitcases and my 500 Rupee Note is counterfeit.

I have a full page of mini memories to share but will have to work on it tomorrow.

Goodnight from Mumbai

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