Sunday, 24 February 2013

Fort Cochin - Day 7

A day at leisure.

The Brunton Boatyard is a beautiful comfortable hotel. We decided not to rush out this morning. The view from our room  was a perfect place to start our day. The coffee was hot and the basket of fruit refilled each day.  It was our last day in Cochin and we didn't want to rush through it. I also needed to write my blog as I was getting behind. Once this was done and before it got too hot we decided to take a look at the colonial houses behind the Dutch cemetery that Ben had suggested as things we might like to do on our days off.

We walked along the water, past the fishing nets to the corner where we felt we should turn. We had the map from the hotel. There is so much to see when you do one of these walks it is hard to remember you have a direction. On the fence as we made the turn where large about 5' x 6', drawings of what I think must be members of the local political party. They were spectacular! This of course took time as we admired the artists talent. Then on we went still planning to see the colonial homes. A sign said turn here for Fab India, so of course we did. Neither of us needed anything as we had visited Fab India in Mumbai when we needed clothes while we waited for our luggage to arrive. But to pass up a visit to this store was too much. We stopped at a small cafe called the Vasco Homestay for a cold drink and took time for a mini memory before continuing our walk which now was a hunt for Fab India.

It was a very hot day and I must admit we just didn't make a correct turn, several times. We didn't find Fab India nor did we get to the Dutch Cemetery but believe me we saw a lot of Fort Cochin. As watercolour artists we were excited to find a shop where the owner had his easel set up and was enjoying a mornings painting. He sold art supplies and his work was also for sale. I was tempted but resisted.

It was time to get back to the hotel so we stopped a rickshaw driver (they call the motorized rickshaw a Tuc Tuc here) and ask directions to the Brunton. In less then five minutes we were back in our room watching the ferry arrive and depart. All that walking, we deserved ice cream, so we headed to the cafe, settled in under an umbrella for an afternoon treat!

It was a leisurely day, one that did all the things 'a day of leisure' is meant to do. We got some exercise, wandered where we had not been before and enjoyed every minute.

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  1. Fort Cochin sounds so beautiful, then topped off with ice cream, what more could a traveller wish for. Vivid images Nancy, you are amazing! Eleanor