Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fort Cochin - Day 5

A 9:30 pick up by the local tour guide and our driver started our day. We walked through Eranakulam market, learning the names of each unknown fruit or vegetable. The people in the market were friendly and oh so willing to stop what they were doing to share with us. Many here in Kerala speak English so travelling around as tourists asking questions is not difficult. So many beautiful smiles! You felt an instant welcome.

After learning where and what is available in the market we went to Nimmy Paul's for a cooking lesson and of course lunch. I learned how to cook fish, fish that I who am not a fancier of fish, enjoyed every morsel. I have the recipe and will be trying it at home.
Nimmy had a great set up for her cooking school. The big mirror hanging up behind her cooking area let us see everything she was doing. She is a very pleasant woman ready to share her recipes as well as her home and her family. Her husband sat with us at lunch, the perfect host.

A little down time back at our hotel (it is quiet warm here and the hotel/ van air conditioning an important break) we boarded a small tourist boat at the hotel dock and had a pleasant couple of hours in the harbour giving us a chance to experience at a closer distance the fishing boats and harbour life.Our boat trip ended at sunset, perfectly timed so we were in the right place to photograph the Chinese fishing nets. My mini memory doesn't do it justice but I know down the road when I pick up this painting journal it will trigger this memory which my brain will then take closer to the real thing.

Skies on fire!

Back to you at my next Internet access. I don't think the backwaters will give me this opportunity but hopefully time to paint.

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