Sunday, 17 February 2013

Fort Cochin - Day 4 (Continued)

Fort Cochin, our beautiful accommodation, the Brunton Boatyard. Each room looks out on the water through misty shears giving a rather magical feeling to the view.  It is a very busy waterway. Cochin and the new city of Eranakulam along with several other islands are connected by causeways and ferries. The ferry dock with a very busy schedule of transporting people and vehicles back and forth to the new city is next door to our hotel.

On arrival we met on the patio for a drink and a welcome to Cochin. It was sunset. A perfect welcome to this colourful South Indian town. A great way to begin our stay here.

Dinner was at the hotel. The chef went out of his way to prepare a special meal for us ending with a valentine shaped dessert that he poured a liquor over and set alight. A great smile was enjoyed by all, especially the chef.


  1. Oh gosh, with -15 degrees here, the hotel photo seems from another planet! I trust the gathering for pre-prandial cocktails had the group dressed in shimmering silks, lovely sandals, head scarves. Marigold Hotel style? Enchanting.

    1. Not quite saris Eleanor but certainly, Marigold Hotel! The Brunton our home in Cochin is, and I quote Marion, a Palace! We could live here but where is Ben Nihyn.