Friday, 15 February 2013

Mumbai - Day 3

A Day at Leisure

In all our itineraries we try to include this very special day for our travellers. It is an opportunity to shop, rest or do our own exploring. Often, after a couple of days with tour guides where we get to see the tourist necessities, the best day.

We headed out in two separate groups - some walking, some in a cab - and met at the Gateway of India for the 10:15 boat to Elephanta Island. Elephanta is a destination for more then just tourists. The temple carvings bring the spiritual as well as the lookers. The 150 rupee (about 3 dollar) ticket gets you a ride to the island. The busy harbour is full of large ships waiting to load or unload.

At Elephanta we took the toy train to the official entrance (10 rupees) and waved goodbye to two of our group who decided to make the final steep climb to the temple caves. Three of us had visited on a previous occasion, so joining other visitors who were finding it "just too hot!" we found a comfortable chair at a cold drink stand and enjoyed a Limca, while watching the travellers and the workers come and go. I watched a woman barbequing ears of corn and workers moving huge bags of cement on their heads.

Painting "mini-memories" brings the interested to your side to watch. A handsome young man sat down to share the name of a passing ferry,  'Al-Mobin.'  It was just like the ferry we were just on, so I had to add it to my memories. The young man was travelling with six other men. They were from Kashmir and were on a religious educational journey. Talking to him brought others to join us: a tour co-ordinator from the UK travelling the width and breath of India, and a couple from a little place on the coast of Croatia (just on the curve) between Split and Brela. If you have been there you will know the place. Of course, our conversations included interested local travellers as well.  Such fun!

I am not sure what the temperature shot up to, but it was hot. We decided to 'do as they do' and rest from the heat. Our destination for this lovely cool restful time was the pool at our hotel. Lovely after noon of reading, swimming and for some, a nap.

I said that we were doing as the locals did so later we changed, grabbed a taxi and headed to the shops on Colaba. After shopping for jewellery - with success for many - we headed to Cafe Mondegar for dinner. A shared club sandwich, a glass of wine and great friends. It was an evening to remember. Love these leisure days!


  1. Loving your small travel sketches Nancy! Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip.
    - Lin

  2. Loving your small travel sketches Nancy! Sounds like you are having a wonderful trip.
    - Lin