Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Zagreb, Capital of Croatia

Hi, Tuesday and oh so cold in Stratford! It is great to have wonderful memories of warm places when you have to face -15 C.

I will start back on our arrival in Zagreb.

September 16, 2012 Zagreb, Capital of Croatia
It was a long journey and we were tired but Zagreb has too much to share to stop. We checked into The Palace Hotel. A perfect location for walking to and from anything really important to visitors.  Our itinerary said that we were at leisure. This means if you can stay awake get out and walk! We met in the foyer and walked to the main square. Just out the door and turn left...keep walking and in about 5 minutes you are there. Zagreb citizens enjoy the out of doors. Cafes, parks and shopping can all be enjoyed without entering a building. We walked, sat in a cafe, enjoyed a cup of coffee and of course an amazing little dessert. Six PM and we returned to the hotel for welcome drinks with our friend in Zagreb...Miljenka's daughter, Kora...came to our hotel to welcome us.  Miljenka, our contact and friend in Zagreb was off in Brela making final arrangements for our trip.

As you can see the little painting was done the next day. I will talk more of this day next Tuesday.
Till then.

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  1. I love them all..look forward each Tuesday to seeing your little paintings and hearing a new thought from each place you travel. Love C.