Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Continuing our travel in Dubrovnik

September 28, 2012 

Our day began with breakfast at Sesame.
TOVJERNA SESAME Dante Alihieria bb, 20000, Dubrovnik, Croatia

We found this restaurant in 2011.  It was very close to our accommodation and was suggested as a good breakfast place.  This restaurant is located just in front of the IUC the Inter-University Centre.  We sat outside at tables that were lined along the walkway to the university. The sun was shining and the food was just what we were looking for.
After breakfast we met Pave Braile our guide for the Dubrovnik Old City tour.  On our visit in 2011 we had been assigned Pave and were so pleased with her and her excitement about her city I asked to have her again. Pave has her own signature it is a beautiful hat.  Follow the hat! Every where you looked were large groups of tourists all following guides with umbrellas and flags, our Pave had the most beautiful hat and for our small group it was perfect. It was personal.

After our tour it was once again time to eat. You do a lot of this while travelling and in Dubrovnik it is a way to find a seat to people watch.  Each stair way, climbing the wall from the main thoroughfare offers an opportunity to eat and people watch. We decided to have a snack. A hot dog and a coke were advertised for 20 Kuna ($3.47 CAD)  at "Belleza". We placed our order and watched the tourists go by. The hot dog was a foot long and the bun the size of a loaf to bread! I still laugh when I remember the look on our faces when they were delivered to our table.  

Sister Janja told us about a place to swim so we returned to the monastery and changed to our bathing suits then headed out the back door and turned left.  At the sign for the restaurant, turn right. There it was an amazing almost private beach. As we floated in the Adriatic, we looked up at the wall of the old city. You couldn't ask for more. It was a great way to experience Dubrovnik and to escape the cruise ship tourists.

Happy New Year, I will be back next Tuesday with more from Dubrovnik.

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