Friday 12 July 2013

Hamilton, The Queen Elizabeth Highway, Lake Ontario, The Welland Canal and Niagara Falls!

I can’t believe that it has taken me so long to get back to telling you about beautiful South Western Ontario and our trip to Niagara Falls.

I left off as we drove down the Hamilton Mountain. It is about here the excitement begins. Fall on the Escarpment is a special combination of orange, red and green.  As you drive on the Queen Elizabeth Highway from Hamilton to Niagara you follow along the left our wonderful Great Lake, Lake Ontario. Shipping moving toward the canal or across this huge body of water could almost consider a traffic jam. It is a chance to see up close those amazing long lake freighters.  The Welland Canal is on the left. Now this is special. My dad used to tell us that the ship was coming over the mountain. You can see the bow of the ship as it rises to the highest lock before making its decent through the system and into Lake Ontario. This is how you get those big ships around our Niagara Falls.
Today there were no ships but I have been looking for them for over 60 years! Sometimes I am lucky. I hope if you come this way you are.

Niagara Falls is a world destination and because of this there are lots of signs to tell you turn here, go this way. It was a misty day but that adds to the excitement. Our first stop was at the American Falls.  Welcome to the Canadian Horseshoe Falls, $20.00 to park your car but it is close and that helps with the price.

Sitting in Elements a newer restaurant looking down on the Falls is magic.
Hear the roar, feel the mist and watch the people. This is a very special place. There is a lot to do at the Falls but we decided to take our guests on our favorite adventure by boarding the Maid of the Mist ($19.95 per person) and taking a ride right into the mist and the roar. I never get tired of this boat ride.

As I said Niagara is a tourist destination so anyone wanting to sell something seems to have come here to set up their shop. We try to make a stop each visit at Canada’s only Hershey store. YUM!

A little further down from the Falls heading towards Niagara on the Lake you come to the Whirl Pool. A cable car takes a journey full of tourists from the Canadian side to the American and back again. We stopped long enough to take a look and for me to include it in my mini memories.

Our journey continues to Niagara On The Lake…come back and join me.