Wednesday 12 June 2013

Travelling in Ontario on a beautiful fall day

One of the most beautiful destinations in Ontario, besides Stratford, is Niagara Falls.

Last August we had company visiting from the west. Of course we had to travel to Niagara. It just wouldn't be a visit to Ontario if you didn't see the Falls. Niagara Falls is spectacular and always worth a visit.

Our trip began in time to stop at 'Tim Horton's' for breakfast. If you aren't from Canada and haven't hit a Tim's in another part of the world (they are popping up outside of Canada) you won't know what the attraction is. I guess it is a Canadian thing. If you are visiting Canada and are looking for a cup of coffee, a bagel or a donut this is the place to stop. I also am very fond of our new 'MacDonalds' but 'Tim's' is Canada. You can find this coffee shop in every town and city almost on every corner.

Our August morning was a cool but sunny 5 degrees C, perfect. There are many ways to head to the Falls from Stratford but the one we like takes us across country through the beautiful farmlands, a quick left turn in Woodstock with a chance to drive through the old section of the city and then Ontario's 401 highway for one exit and we are on the 403 highway, heading to Hamilton.

Hamilton, once known for the steel industry is situated on the Niagara Escarpment. We don't have real mountains (eg: Rockies) in this part of the province so it is always exciting to clear the top of the escarpment on Hamilton mountain and start to descend.

more to come......