Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Painting Days in Brela

Sept 25, 2012 Today is considered a painting day for those who paint. The other members of our group, the non-painters, are busy hiking the mountains and taking day trips out of Brela that they found through a local travel agent. We decided to walk along the coast and at the foot of stairs we turned left to see what Baška Voda the village to the south, had to offer. We had heard about a church that was worth a visit.
Lunch was on our minds on arrival. We checked out several cafes but found they were serving what we considered an evening meal; meat, potatoes and aubergine. Baška Voda had a restaurant called ‘OX Fast Food’ so we placed our orders… hamburgers, hot dogs fries and a coke. We climbed up on the bar stools on the patio and enjoyed a little fast food and the beautiful harbor view. Perfect! The clouds were sitting on the Dalmatians, no other way to describe it. On the shopping street, most shops advertised final sales of the season.  Summer was over in Croatia for the Croatians. A perfect time to visit.

September 26, 2012
Our itinerary was arranged as a holiday for painters and friends. This meant that we stayed in one place two days so painters could have time to paint. I was hooked on mini memories so my days were filled with sketching, olive branches, morning coffee, village life and today a walk to “Kamen Brela”, a small rock island north of Brela  that is considered as the symbol of Brela. Joyce walked with us but decided she would stop and watch the photo shoot of a wedding. She told us to take our time, she would be waiting, right where we left her. We continued on to the little rock island where we got very involved in painting. When we were finished we returned to where we had left Joyce…no Joyce.
Oh well she probably headed back to the apartment so that is what we did. We climbed up the 100 stairs to where others in our group were painting, but no Joyce. Back along to the village and to where we had left Joyce. No Joyce! I looked out to the sea wondering out loud, where she was, and there on a bench was a circle of stones with a stone in the middle. Joyce had gone home! Joyce and I are both members of Girl Guides and Lord Baden Powell included in our program trail signs. Many, many years ago we had learned these signs. Amazing that we found her message and even more amazing that she left it.  We had missed her on our search as she was shopping. For those who share our Guiding background I am sure you are smiling. 

I hope you are enjoying my mini paintings and my verbal description of the day. Croatia is a wonderful country a great place to visit. More to come next Tuesday.
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  1. Now, that was fun..hamburgers in Croatia and the story of Joyce.."If you're a guider..you would be smiling"... I'm not and didn't know about the "trailfinders" but I was smiling..ear to ear. Maybe it's knowing your friend Joyce..that made it real !
    I will read it again..Good Blog.

  2. Well that is maddening..wrote a nice chatty comment and it went away ?? so I will rewrite it. I said"
    Now that was fun..hamburgers in croatia.
    I also wanted to add how much I enjoyed the story about Joyce. I am not a guider and I didn't know about trailmarkers..but I was smiling..reading the blog..maybe knowing you and Joyce..I understand..
    anyway blog was super and I love all the paintings..they are really sweet..and fun..and lovely.

  3. Great story! I can feel the sun on my face even though it is snowing here.

  4. Great story. Didn't have a proper profile.......guess that is why my previous comments didn't show up :-(

    1. Memories are wonderful things when they keep you warm. Beautiful Croatia. Thanks for posting Donna

  5. Good morning from Charleston, South Carolina
    Love your mini memories Nancy! You inspired me.... Greatly enjoyed the fun of journaling, little drawings and adding a bit of colour on our trip southward. Camping, our space is limited so it works perfectly. We enjoyed a delicious Indian dinner yesterday in Charleston after walking the market and enjoying the many forms of art. Chris & Sheldon MacLean

  6. Looking forward to seeing your mini memories. Maybe you could bring them along when we get together for 'A journey in Watercolour, Normandy with Lin"
    Enjoy the warm weather in the south.

  7. Hi Nancy, I loved your journal sketches so much I have started one my seven year old granddaughter and I work on each time she visits. (She mostly provides the subject matter and I do the sketches.) Teya draws a lot, but she's into doing bigger paintings (which make more mess! Of course.) I'll see if I can post a couple of pages on our website blog. Love your blog and your sketches. Looking forward to the day when I'm doing them on one of your trips.

  8. Great Liz,
    Post your website blog link here if you manage to get your journal sketches posted.

  9. Congratulations on your blog!
    I love the graphic journal - what a way to turn the passive act of watching the scenery go by into an exercise of seeing, interpreting and sharing.
    I have bookmarked your blog and look forward to reading and seeing more about your travel adventures.

    1. Thanks Michele, I am enjoying my new way to capture my memories. I must get back to South Africa. Just imagine the mini memories filled with those amazing elephants that watched us as we drove by.