Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Our last day in Brela

Sept 26, 2012 continued
Back at our accommodation in Brela at the Villa Vinka Apartments we prepared lunch. Our first job of the day was to go to the bakery to get a loaf of bread that three of us would share. I made my sandwich with the left overs (doggie bag) from the previous nights meal. What an amazing chicken sandwich with chips and a coke. Joyce‘s missing time had been shopping for dessert. We really didn’t have an inch of space in our stomachs but a Croatian dessert is just too good to pass up. As I share with you I can still feel how full I was when we finished this lunch.
Our afternoon was spent floating in the Adriatic, I am amazed we could still float after the lunch but the salt in the Adriatic is a big help.  Today we had goggles. There really isn’t much to see but it is fun to float watching what is happening below the water.  Sea Urchins are everywhere but we all purchased or brought with us shoes to wear in the water.  Miljenka who lives in Croatia didn’t wear shoes into the sea. She said "the sea urchins are attached to stones too far under the water for you to step on them”. You could see this when you were floating looking down with the goggles. I still wore my swim shoes each time I entered the water. You never know what you are going to stand on.

Croatia will be remembered by many as the place to eat ice cream. After our evening and maybe mid-day meal the thing to do is to find a ice cream stand, of which there are many, and purchase a scoop or maybe two. We all have our favorites, mine was lemon.

This was our last night of 8 in Brela.  They were perfect days of painting and touring and oh yes, eating ice cream!
Dinner tonight was a special meal at  'Ivandica Dvori'. They said they would pick us up, and they did but they sent a van that was short two seats for our group. Now we are Canadians and we have many rules to follow when driving in a car,  but this was Croatia. Cheryl and Karen climbed in the back. It is funny when you break a rule how much you laugh and everyone did.  When we came out from dinner for our return ride to Villa Vinka the driver had added two wooden stools so they didn’t have to sit on the floor! Clever, don't you think?

Our days in Brela are over for this trip. I think at this time I will add a little bigger memory. This sketch is what we were doing when our friend Joyce was leaving tracking signs.  

Come back next Tuesday. We are off to Dubrovnik.


  1. Could almost taste the lemon Ice Cream..think it would be my fav as well..especially after seeing your painting of the ice cream, cones..yum..

  2. Replies
    1. Since we are both from the same family and I remember how ice cream was considered a treat in our house..I know where you are coming from. Lemon allowed me to tell myself it wasn't really a treat but a necessary to complete the meal. :))