Thursday, 15 October 2015

To Paris October 15, 2013

On Oct. 15, we said goodbye to the country and headed to Paris. I enjoyed my journey with my pen and my mini memories.
Along the route we passed clusters of villages, all the same at least that is what it looked like from the bus. The rolling hills and golden fields each village had a church steeple. It was a bright morning sky even though the weather person said that it was going to rain today!

We arrived in Paris dropped our group off at the hotel and then hopped into a taxi and went to find our accommodation. We had rented an apartment, 20 Rue Saint Sauveur, and were excited to see that it was all we hoped. It was. Our friends from Denmark were to meet us there. Their flight landed at 14:45 at Charles de Gualle . They hadn't made arrangements for their transfer so spent time looking around the airport. They were approached by a man who said he could take them to 20 Rue Saint Sauveur and they thought the price was right. Always a problem at airports. They accepted a ride and travelled into the city with a non-licensed driver. They probably paid more then they should of but the adventure was interesting and they arrived safe and sound.

You can see that the second mini is looking out the window at our apartment. It was into a court yard. We spent the rest of our holiday enjoying Paris.

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