Thursday, 27 March 2014

Back at Chateau Hambye

October 8, 2013
This was a very exciting day in our itinerary. Prior to departure Lin thought it would be a good idea and a way to save some money, to break the group into two cooking groups and each group would plan, shop and prepare our evening meal. Chris and Eleanor took on the job of kitchen chief. Our day began with Rob taking Bruce, Eleanor and my self off to the next town to shop. Eleanor was prepared with her list and we just did the running. I did stop long enough to buy a top to replace the one my marker marked the day before. I had my first piece of French clothing! I purchased it in the grocery store as I might have done at Zehrs in Stratford. This one was a George not a Joe. When I got home and Walmart opened in Stratford, I saw on their sign that they too sell George. Maybe my top is not so French.

Back at the Chateau with our shopping Eleanor directed the preparation of our evening meal. I washed dishes as the others in my group chopped and diced under her direction. It does take many hands to prepare a meal for a group our size. All the preparation was worth the effort. It is a special opportunity to prepare a meal in a kitchen such as the Chateau's and then share it with a group as special as this one.

While I was working in the kitchen the non-kitchen staff were out painting. I started this painting of the Chateau while I enjoyed some sun in the driveway. At each break from dishes I picked up my paints and headed back out. It was interesting to paint as it gave me an opportunity to really see the beautiful Chateau that was our home while in Hambye, Normandy, France. I didn't finish it but it is full of memories.


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