Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Watercolour Workshop in Normandy France Oct. 2013

It seems like time just isn't on my side. I planned to do this blog while I travelled. Then I planned to do it when I got home. Here we are four months later and I am just getting started.

Our first day of our workshop took us to the grounds of our very special accommodation. We were staying at Chateau Hambye, in the village of Hambye, Normandy. http://www.chateauholidayfrance.com/
We spent a week at Chateau Hambye. This was day one. Our instructor Lin Souliere, sent us out to do a quick warm up sketch. As you can see, I was busy with household chores so didn't get too much accomplished. I have included it as day one because I wanted you to see how little one could do and still have a great travel memory.

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