Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Off to Dubrovnik!

Tuesday is my day to post and I am off to Toronto to the Reading Southern India book club.
These are the mini memories for today's post. I will be back tomorrow to tell you about this journey.
A wonderful book club at Nicholas Hoare in Toronto. I enjoyed every minute of our discussion about Salman Rushdie's "Midnights Children". Certainly the book everyone should read if they want to understand where India is coming from. I learned so much, thanks Salman!

Sept. 27, 212 Off to Dubrovnik
There are many ways to get from Brela to Dubrovnik. You can return to Split and fly or as we did the last visit return to Split board the ferry and spend the day leisurely travelling down the coast, or go by road by private or public bus. We had a private bus this trip.. Our driver was the same driver I had hired for the trip to Bosnia and our bus a 15 passenger. We were all comfortable.  

We boarded our bus at 9:30 AM took a few minutes to get the bus turned around on the very narrow street in front of Vila Vinka and headed south. As you can see in the mini memories we curved back and forth, up and down along the coast. Exclaiming, oh! and ah! at every turn. Small villages with tiled roofs, beautiful turquoise waters, island after island all viewed from the comfort of our bus.
It is an exciting journey with so many opportunities to take photos or in my case paint mini memories. The shops at the side of the road sold oranges and honey. Our driver who spoke very little English didn’t really want to stop and who could blame him as he had to return to Split that evening.

This is only an hour and a half of our journey. I will write about and share more mini memories of the rest of our day next Tuesday.

See you then!

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